Lumira Powers is one of the fastest growing advanced renewable energy solutions provider company in Rajasthan, India headquartered in Jaipur (Raj), India. Working with Mission of "making power accessible at affordable price" and Vision of "saving environment and reducing carbon - footprint". Recently, Lumira Powers has executed Rajasthan largest rooftop plant with REC solar module and also have won "Best upcoming innovator".

Our Company is of technocrats and are well acquainted of the pros & cons of the subject and are supported by our technocrats family. Financial enterpriser of the company have been senior manager in banking sector is looking after non-technical concerns of the company.

Owners of the company are of the sound family background and hence arrived in the business line with preparations. They are doing work in the field since last four years and after framing the company have achieved marked growth and has completed more than seven projects with 20MW rooftop jobs are in pipeline

Company is dedicated to serve the nation in addition to its open market biz, into the various national programs e.g Pradhanmantri sansad Adarsh gram yojana, Mukhyamantri Adarsh gram yojna, Kusum yojna and Saubhagya Yojna.

Our Mission

Our Mission is to become the leader in the renewable energy sector and make everyone energy-sufficient in our country. Within our process, we meet with our customers to assist them to define their energy requirements, compare their options, and make profitable and assured decisions.

We cope with the whole process, from layout to engineering, permitting, set up and monitoring, in order to make Solar a cheaper and hassle-free process. This will provide our customers, our communities, and our state clean, abundant, low-cost, distributed, and self-producing electricity, and could permit us to offer economic protection for all shareholders even as giving again to the community.

Our Vision

LUMIRA POWERS through its integrated Rooftop solar solutions, is leading the charge of India's energy revolution - to take India from depending on traditional forms of energy to being one of the world's solar superpowers. To serve our nation and enable it to use the free Self-Sufficient renewable energy. To enlighten it with Millions of houses, saving billion of trees, and reducing carbon footprints.

We think that the sustainability of renewable power or energy as a macro trend of business matters. Over the years renewable energy mainly Solar Energy has grown out of the incubation section and have emerged as an economically viable, ecologically superior, stable easy approach and secure supply of strength. We understand that solar power is rising as a mainstay electricity deliver technology and could contribute notably to the future energy mix throughout the world. We are absolutely committed to contribute to innovation and increase in renewable strength throughout the globe.