Hike in continued electricity tariff rises is now posing a big challenge to Indian businesses.

As solar investment is considered as an asset rather than expense, as all of the expenditure of a solar plant gets recovered in the next few years of your investment. Leading to a free energy source and zero E-Bills payments becoming more economical and sustainable energy solution.

solar energy solutions are often an important aspect of the sustainability of any business.

Benefits like:

As a number one solar solutions company, we provide 3 diverse BUSINESS models for our clients that range from many leading industries to the govt also as educational institutions. We let our customers make decisions in their own way .


The recent policies from the Indian government have made sure the supply of economic solar solutions Lumira Powers is one among the highest commercial solar companies which will help a corporation cut operating costs and take an enormous step towards energy independence.

After Lumira Powers installs the solar energy plant, you're taking the asset ownership. Post installation, our expert engineers will make sure that the solar panels for commercial buildings run smoothly and efficiently under an operations and maintenance agreement.


  • Claim tax benefits
  • Insulate yourself from an increase in power costs for the longer term
  • Power to produce your own power
  • Tag your property carbon neutral or Green
  • Earn much higher and risk-free returns than Fixed deposits and other investments.
  • Apart from these, we are one among the premium commercial solar power companies and assure absolute payback within 4 - 6 years.


  • Client pays for the EPC Cost
  • Clint can meet the RPO
  • Sign a ling term O&M contract (optional)


OPEX includes fuel, workers, and maintenance costs. Some alternative power sources are highly expensive today, but there could also be options that are comparatively cheaper. Lumira Powers is one among the highest solar energy plant companies in India that has installed solar systems for state and enormous business all across India. Solar power may be a major investment - don't let this investment become a liability due to cheap resources!

Some aspects of the model that you simply got to know:

  • Under this model, you agree to purchase power from us at a predetermined tariff and a power purchase contract (PPA) is signed for the same .
  • You are not required to do any investment.
  • You only buy the energy generated, typically 20- 40% cheaper to grid electricity tariff with zero investment on the asset, thus saving money within the process.
  • Operations & maintenance are going to be handled by us.


  • No investment from your side.
  • No hassles: we'll manage the permits, construction, maintenance, and operations.
  • No risk: Don't worry about plant maintenance and life. You pay just for your consumption.
  • Meet your Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) at no additional cost.
  • Go green at no additional cost